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Islam, Slavery & the African

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Abdullah Hakim Quick, an African-American convert to Islam, sheds light on the fascinating topic of Islam and the African people. From the beginning, Africa has been a continent of various religions and beliefs including monotheism. Therefore Islam, the root definition of which is “submission to the one God”, was not a new concept in Africa and Prophet Muhammad (P) simply came to confirm this. Tackling the controversial topic of slavery, the speaker looks at the root of “racial” slavery while making a survey of what slavery was like during the time of the Prophet (P). What was, or is, the role of slavery in Islam? And is it possible that the concept of slavery has changed with time? This lecture is full of important historical information relevant for people of all races and religions. Other topics discussed: the separation of Asia and Africa, Columbus, evidence of Muslims resisting slavery in the Americas, non-Muslim scholars not using primary sources, and the modern day economic-spiritual-psychological “slavery”.
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