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Islamic Virtues

By Ayden Zayn
June 4, 2016


Muslims believe the Qur’an is the final revelation of God’s words to humanity. Although it was a book revealed in the Arabic language to an Arab man, it is a message intended for people of all races, cultures and places. It contains many stories of people and events in history, details about life after death, descriptions of the unseen and various instructions regarding the mundane such as inheritance laws, marital laws and such. But the vast majority of the Qur’an deals with morality. This is evident by opening the book to any random page and the likelihood that on that page you will find some teaching which, if implemented, would result in some kind of benefit for either the individual or for humanity as a whole.

And so one of the primary functions of the Qur’an is to serve as an instruction book for humanity; a type of handbook on life from the One who created life. Practicing Muslims use this book as a standard for correct thought and action because they have a firm belief that God, the Creator, knows what is best for His creation. In 17:9 of the Qur’an God says, “Verily this Qur’an does guide to that which is most right”.


“Do no evil nor mischief on the (face of the) earth.” (2:60)

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong.” (3:104)

“Do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbors who are of kin, neighbors who are strangers, the companion by your side, the wayfarer (you meet), and what your right hands possess.” (4:36)

“[God] forbids all indecent deeds, and evil and rebellion: He instructs you, that you may receive admonition.” (16:90)

“Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” (49:13)


“Give of the good things which you have (honorably) earned, and of the fruits of the earth which We have produced for you.” (2:267)

“If you disclose (acts of) charity, even so it is well, but if you conceal them, and make them reach those (really) in need, that is best for you .” (2:271)

“By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you give (freely) of that which you love.” (3:92)

“Those saved from the covetousness of their own souls, they are the ones that achieve prosperity.” (59:9)

“[Do not] expect, in giving, any increase (for yourself)!” (74:6)


“Eat of the good things that We have provided for you, and be grateful to God, if it is Him you worship.” (2:172)

“Show gratitude to Me and to your parents: to Me is (your final) Goal.” (31:14)

“[God] likes not ingratitude from His servants: if you are grateful, He is pleased with you.” (39:7)


“In no wise covet those things in which God has bestowed His gifts more freely on some of you than on others: to men is allotted what they earn, and to women what they earn: but ask God of His bounty.” (4:32)


“Call on your Lord with humility and in private: for God loves not those who trespass beyond bounds.” (7:55)

“Celebrate the praises of your Lord, and be of those who prostrate themselves in adoration.” (15:98)

“The servants of (God) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, ‘Peace!'” (25:63)

“Exult not, for God loves not those who exult (in riches).” (28:76)

“Swell not thy cheek (for pride) at men, nor walk in insolence through the earth; for God loves not any arrogant boaster.” (31:18)


“God loves those who are kind.” (5:13)

“Be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in you life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And, out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: ‘My Lord! bestow on them Your Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood.'” (17:23-24)

“We have enjoined on man (to be good) to his parents: in travail upon travail did his mother bear him, and in years twain was his weaning.” (31:14)

“Treat not the orphan with harshness, nor repulse him who asks.” (93:9-10)


“When a (courteous) greeting is offered you, meet it with a greeting still more courteous, or of equal courtesy. God takes careful account of all things.” (4:86)

“Let not some men among you laugh at others: it may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): nor let some women laugh at others: it may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames.” (49:11)


“Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good; and do not follow the footsteps of the Satan, for he is to you an avowed enemy.” (2:168)

“[God] loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.” (2:222)

“When you prepare for prayer, wash your faces, and your hands (and arms) to the elbows. Rub your heads (with water) and (wash) your feet to the ankles. If you are in a state of ceremonial impurity, bathe your whole body… God does not wish to place you in a difficulty, but to make you clean.” (5:6)

Good Speech

“Say to My servants that they should (only) say those things that are best: for Satan does sow dissensions among them.” (17:53)

“[The believers] have been guided… to the purest of speeches.” (22:24)

“Woe to every (kind of) scandal-monger and backbiter.” (104:1)


“Say to the People of the Book and to those who are unlearned: ‘Do you (also) submit yourselves?’ If they do, they are in right guidance, but if they turn back, your duty is to convey the Message.” (3:20)

“Enter not houses other than your own, until you have asked permission and saluted those in them: that is best for you, in order that you may heed (what is seemly). If you find no one in the house, enter not until permission is given to you: if you are asked to go back, go back: that makes for greater purity for yourselves.” (24:27-28)

“Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: and spy not on each other, nor speak ill of each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother?” (49:12)


“Invite (all) to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.” (16:125)


“Say: ‘O People of the Book, come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but God; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, lords and patrons other than God.’ If then they turn back, say you: ‘Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to God’s Will).'” (3:64)

“If it had been your Lord’s Will, they would all have believed, all who are on earth! Will you then compel mankind, against their will, to believe!” (10:99)


“Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for God can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you swerve.” (4:135)

“God loves those who judge in equity.” (5:42)

“Take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law.” (6:151)


“If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time till it is easy for him to repay. But if you remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if you only knew.” (2:280)

“We ordained therein for them: ‘Life for life, eye for eye, nose or nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth, and wounds equal for equal.’ But if any one remits the retaliation by way of charity, it is an act of atonement for himself.” (5:45)

“Overlook (any human faults) with gracious forgiveness.” (15:85)

“Repel evil with good, and the person who was your enemy becomes like an intimate friend.” (41:34)

“(It is) for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord… when they are angry even then forgive.” (42:36-37)

“The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree): but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from God: for (God) loves not those who do wrong.” (42:40)


“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged.” (22:39)

“If any do help and defend themselves after a wrong (done) to them, against such there is no cause of blame.” (42:41)


“(It is) for those who believe… when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them, (are not cowed but) help and defend themselves.” (42:36-39)


“Fear God, and make your utterance straight forward: That He may make your conduct whole and sound.” (33:70-71)


“Here is a plain statement to men, a guidance and instruction to those who fear God. So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For you must gain mastery if you are true in Faith.” (3:138-139)

“What is with you must vanish: what is with God will endure. And We will certainly bestow, on those who patiently persevere, their reward according to the best of their actions.” (16:96)


“Seek the forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him in repentance; that He may grant you enjoyment, good (and true), for a term appointed .” (11:3)

“Your Lord knows best what is in your hearts: If you do deeds of righteousness, verily He is Most Forgiving to those who turn to Him again and again (in true penitence).” (17:25)

Patience / Perseverance

“Seek (God’s) help with patient perseverance and prayer: It is indeed hard, except to those who are humble, who bear in mind the certainty that they are to meet their Lord, and that they are to return to Him.” (2:45-46)

“Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, who say, when afflicted with calamity: ‘To God We belong, and to Him is our return’. They are those on whom (descend) blessings from their Lord, and Mercy.” (2:155-157)

“On no soul does God place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns.” (2:286)

“You shall certainly be tried and tested in your possessions and in your personal selves; and you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you, from those who received the Book before you and from those who worship partners besides God. But if you persevere patiently, and guard against evil, then that will be of great resolution.” (3:186)

“Pray for help from God, and (wait) in patience and constancy: for the earth is God’s, to give as a heritage to such of His servants as He pleases; and the end is (best) for the righteous.” (7:128)

“Bear with patient constancy whatever betide you; for this is firmness (of purpose) in (the conduct of) affairs.” (31:17)


“Bow down, prostrate yourselves, and adore your Lord; and do good; that you may prosper. And strive in His cause as you ought to strive (with sincerity and under discipline).” (22:77-78)


“Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may (learn) self-restraint.” (2:183)

“[Do not follow] the lust (of your heart), for it will mislead you from the Path of God.” (38:26)

“For such as had entertained the fear of standing before their Lord’s (tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires, their abode will be the Garden.” (79:40-41)

Balance / Moderation

“Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loves not transgressors.” (2:190)

“Commit no excess: for God loves not those given to excess.” (5:87)

“And the servants of (God) Most Gracious are those who… when they spend, are not extravagant and not niggardly, but hold a just (balance) between those (extremes).” (25:63-67)

“Seek, with the (wealth) which God has bestowed on you, the Home of the Hereafter, nor forget your portion in this world: but do good, as God has been good to you.” (28:77)


“When you deal with each other, in transactions involving future obligations in a fixed period of time, reduce them to writing… whether it be small or big; it is juster in the sight of God, more suitable as evidence, and more convenient to prevent doubts among yourselves.” (2:282)

“If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done.” (49:6)


“Hold fast, all together, by the Rope which God (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude God’s favor on you; for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, you became brethren.” (3:103)


“Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities.” (4:29)

“Waste not by excess: for God loves not the wasters.” (6:141)


“God will never change the grace which He hath bestowed on a people until they change what is in their (own) souls.” (8:53)

“Woe to the worshippers… who (want but) to be seen.” (107:4-6)


“Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein: And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause, shares in its burden.” (4:85)


“If one of you deposits a thing on trust with another, let the trustee (faithfully) discharge his trust, and let him fear God.” (2:283)

“God does command you to render back your trusts to those to whom they are due.” (4:58)

“Fulfill (every) engagement, for (every) engagement will be inquired into (on the Day of Reckoning).” (17:34)

Honesty / Fairness

“Cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when you know (what it is).” (2:42)

“Take not your oaths, to practice deception between yourselves.” (16:94)

“Truly many are the partners (in business) who wrong each other: Not so do those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, and how few are they?” (38:24)

“Woe to those that deal in fraud, – Those who, when they have to receive by measure from men, exact full measure, but when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due.” (83:1-3)


“Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, – there are indeed Signs for men of understanding, – Men who celebrate the praises of God, standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (with the thought): ‘Our Lord! not for naught have You created (all) this!” (3:190-191)

“Establish regular prayer: for prayer restrains from shameful and evil deeds; and remembrance of God is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt.” (29:45)

“True, there is for you by day prolonged occupation with ordinary duties: But keep in remembrance the name of your Lord and devote yourself to Him whole-heartedly. (He is) Lord of the East and the West: there is no god but He: take Him therefore for (your) Disposer of Affairs.” (73:7-9)

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Selected Verses From the Qur’an

By Ayden Zayn
January 1, 2017


“This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear God.” 2:2

“Do they not ponder on the Qur’an? Had it been from other than God, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy.” 4:82

“(This is) the revelation of the Book in which there is no doubt – from the Lord of the Worlds. Or do they say, ‘He has forged it?’ Nay, it is the Truth from thy Lord.” 32:2-3

“Whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare the Praises and Glory of God – the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Exalted in Might, the Wise. It is He Who has sent amongst the Unlettered a messenger from among themselves, to rehearse to them His Signs, to purify them, and to instruct them in The Book and Wisdom,- although they had been, before, in manifest error.” 62:1-2

“To God do belong the unseen (secrets) of the heavens and the earth, and to Him goeth back every affair (for decision): so worship Him, and put thy trust in Him: and thy Lord is not unmindful of aught that ye do.” 11:123

“God! There is no god but He – the Living, the Self-subsisting, Supporter of all. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is thee can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth?” 2:255

“Put thy trust in God. For God loves those who put their trust (in Him). If God helps you, none can overcome you: if He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In God, then, let Believers put their trust.” 3:159-160

“God is He, than Whom there is no other god – the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace (and Perfection), the Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Safety, the Exalted in Might, the Irresistible, the justly Proud. Glory to God! (High is He) above the partners they attribute to Him.” 59:23

“Say: He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; and there is none like unto Him.” 112:1-4

“And dispute ye not with the People of the Book [Jews and Christians], except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury); but say, ‘We believe in the Revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; our God and your God is One; and it is to Him we submit (in Islam).'” 29:46

“O People of the Book! Exceed not in your religion the bounds (of what is proper), trespassing beyond the truth, nor follow the vain desires of people who went wrong in times gone by – who misled many, and strayed (themselves) from the even Way.” 5:77

“Muhammad is no more than a messenger; many were the messengers that passed away before him. If he died or were slain, will ye then turn back on your heels? If any did turn back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to God; but God (on the other hand) will swiftly reward those who (serve him) with gratitude.” 3:144

“Behold! the angels said: ‘O Mary! God giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honour in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to God; he shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. And he shall be (of the company) of the righteous.’ She said: ‘O my Lord! How shall I have a son when no man hath touched me?’ He said: ‘Even so; God createth what He willeth: when He hath decreed a matter, He but saith to it, ‘Be’, and it is! And God will teach him the Book and Wisdom, The Torah and the Gospel.” 3:45-48

“O Moses! I have chosen thee above (other) men, by the messages I (have given thee) and the words I (have spoken to thee); take then the (revelation) which I give thee, and be of those who give thanks.” 7:144

“Abraham: he was a man of Truth, a prophet. Behold, he said to his father: ‘O my father! why worship that which heareth not and seeth not, and can profit thee nothing? O my father! to me hath come knowledge which hath not reached thee: So follow me: I will guide thee to a way that is even and straight. O my father! serve not Satan: for Satan is a rebel against (God) Most Gracious.'” 19:41-44

“Say, the Holy Spirit has brought the revelation from thy Lord in Truth, in order to strengthen those who believe, and as a Guide and Glad Tidings to Muslims.” 16:102

“…Gabriel – for he brings down the (revelation) to thy heart by God’s will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe.” 2:97

“Behold! We said to the angels, ‘Bow down to Adam’: they bowed down except Iblis [Satan]. He was one of the Jinns [spirits with a free-will], and he broke the Command of his Lord. Will ye then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than Me? And they are enemies to you! Evil would be the exchange for the wrongdoers!” 18:50

“Satan’s plan is (but) to excite enmity and hatred between you, with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of God, and from prayer: will ye not then abstain?” 5:91

“And Satan will say when the matter is decided: ‘It was God Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised, but failed in my promise to you. I had no authority over you except to call you, but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with God. For wrongdoers there must be a Grievous Penalty.'” 14:22

“It is He Who sends down rain from the sky. From it ye drink, and out of it (grows) the vegetation on which ye feed your cattle. With it He produces for you corn, olives, date-palms, grapes, and every kind of fruit: verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought. He has made subject to you the Night and the Day; the Sun and the Moon; and the Stars are in subjection by His Command: verily in this are Signs for those who are wise. And the things on this earth which He has multiplied in varying colours (and qualities); verily in this is a Sign for those who are mindful. It is He Who has made the sea subject, that ye may eat thereof flesh that is fresh and tender, and that ye may extract therefrom ornaments to wear; and thou seest the ships therein that plough the waves, that ye may seek (thus) of the bounty of God and that ye may be grateful. And He has set up on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and rivers and ways: that ye may guide yourselves; and marks and sign-posts; and by the stars (humans) guide themselves. Is then He Who creates like one that creates not? Will ye not receive admonition? If ye would count up the favours of God, never would ye be able to number them: for God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. And God doth know what ye conceal, and what ye reveal. Those whom they invoke besides God create nothing and are themselves created. (They are things) dead, lifeless: nor do they know when they will be raised up.” 16:10-21

“Seest thou not that God sends down rain from the sky, and leads it through springs in the earth? Then He causes to grow, therewith, produce of various colours: then it withers; thou wilt see it grow yellow; then He makes it dry up and crumble away. Truly, in this, is a Message of remembrance to Men of understanding.” 39:21

“Do they not reflect in their own minds? Not but for just ends and for a term appointed, did God create the heavens and the earth, and all between them: yet are there truly many among men who deny their meeting with their Lord (at the Resurrection)! Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the End of those before them? They were superior to them in strength: they tilled the soil and populated it in greater numbers than these have done: there came to them their messengers with Clear (Signs), (which they rejected, to their own destruction): it was not God who wronged them, but they wronged their own souls. In the long run Evil in the extreme will be the End of those who do evil; for that they rejected the Signs of God, and held them up to ridicule”. 30:8-10

“Among His Signs is this, that He created you from dust; and then – behold, ye are men scattered (far and wide)! And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect. And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours: verily in that are Signs for those who know. And among His Signs is the sleep that ye take by night and by day, and the quest that ye (make for livelihood) out of His Bounty: verily in that are Signs for those who hearken. And among His Signs, He shows you the lightning, by way both of fear and of hope, and He sends down rain from the sky and with it gives life to the earth after it is dead: verily in that are Signs for those who are wise.” 30:20-24

“Man says: ‘What! When I am dead, shall I then be raised up alive?’ But does not man call to mind that We created him before out of nothing?” 19:66-67

“And ye devour Inheritance – all with greed, and ye love wealth with inordinate love! Nay! When the earth is pounded to powder, and thy Lord cometh, and His angels, rank upon rank, and Hell, that Day, is brought (face to face)- on that Day will man remember, but how will that remembrance profit him? He will say: ‘Ah! Would that I had sent forth (Good Deeds) for (this) my (Future) Life!’ For, that Day, his Chastisement will be such as none (else) can inflict, and His bonds will be such as none (other) can bind. (To the righteous soul will be said:) ‘O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and satisfaction! Come back thou to thy Lord – well pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto Him! Enter thou, then, among my Devotees! Yea, enter thou My Heaven!'” 89:19-30

“God hath promised to Believers – men and women – Gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein, and beautiful mansions in Gardens of everlasting bliss. But the greatest bliss is the Good Pleasure of God: that is the supreme felicity.” 9:72

“It is God Who has created the heavens and the earth, and all between them, in six Days, then He established Himself on the Throne (of authority); ye have none, besides Him, to protect or intercede (for you): will ye not then receive admonition? He rules (all) affairs from the heavens to the earth: in the end will (all affairs) go up to Him, on a Day, the space whereof will be (as) a thousand years of your reckoning. Such is He, the Knower of all things, hidden and open, the Exalted (in power), the Merciful – He Who has made everything which He has created Most Good: He began the creation of man with (nothing more than) clay, and made his progeny from a quintessence of the nature of a fluid despised: But He fashioned him in due proportion, and breathed into him something of His spirit. And He gave you (the facilities of) hearing and sight and feeling (and understanding): little thanks do ye give! And they say: ‘What! When we lie, hidden and lost, in the earth, shall we indeed be in a Creation renewed?’ Nay, they deny the Meeting with their Lord! Say: ‘The Angel of Death, put in charge of you, will (duly) take your souls, then shall ye be brought back to your Lord.” 32:4-11

“The (Judgment) ever approaching draws nigh: no (soul) but God can lay it bare. Do ye then wonder at this recital? And will ye laugh and not weep – wasting your time in vanities? But fall ye down in prostration to God and adore (Him)!” 53:57-62

“As to those who believe not in the Hereafter, their hearts refuse to know, and they are arrogant. Undoubtedly, God doth know what they conceal, and what they reveal: verily He loveth not the arrogant. When it is said to them, ‘What is it that your Lord has revealed?’ they say, ‘Tales of the ancients!’ Let them bear, on the Day of Judgment, their own burdens in full, and also (something) of the burdens of those without knowledge, whom they misled. Alas, how grievous the burdens they will bear!” 16:22-25

“Do they not think that they will be called to account?- on a Mighty Day, a Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?” 83:4-6

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