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Islam shares the same Abrahamic heritage as Judaism and Christianity and, therefore, espouses many similar beliefs and practices. Among them are belief in angels, prophets and scriptures and practices such as prayer, fasting and charity. Adherents are called “Muslims” and number over 1.5 billion. They pray to Allah, the same God Jesus worshipped. Jesus called God “Eloi” (Mark 15:34). But the difference is in language only. Hispanics call God “Dios”. French call God “Dieu”. Arab Jews and Christians call God “Allah”. But they're all the same God. Muslims believe God revealed the same general message to all true prophets but that message was changed over time. To correct these changes God revealed His will a final time in the Qur'an and promised to preserve it. Although preserved, the Qur'an is greatly misunderstood by those without knowledge, including some Muslims. “Holy war” appears no where in the Arabic text and verses about violence do not condone terrorism. Rather they permit self-defense, capital punishment and protecting the weak from oppression. The Qur'an also protects the rights of women and Islam forbids their mistreatment. True Islam teaches spirituality, morality, pure monotheism, modesty, education and serving family and society. It views all humans as equal in the eyes of God, being distinguished only by their deeds. Such deeds will be judged after death by the All-Knowing Creator who will reward or punish with perfect justice.

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